Allen Roth Closet

Affordable Closet Systems

Great closet space is always a consideration when moving into a new home or attempting to get organized. When browsing for closet organization systems, the Allen Roth Closet is sure to make an appearance. Many brands and styles of closet organizers can be found in hardware stores, home improvement stores and online. When selecting your organizer there are many factors to consider. The Allen Roth Closet offers many choices in color, size and function.

From a single stand alone tower with adjustable shelves to a premium full closet kit, there is a system suitable for all needs. These affordable closet systems are made with premium hand-selected premium wood veneers and solid wood and are finished with a furniture grade multi-step finish to insure not only a durable product but also an attractive one that looks great with any home decor. You may want to leave your closet doors open for guests! There are various finishes to choose from including rich cappuccino, glossy pecan, deep espresso, red mahogany and cherry to insure the perfect color for any space. All of the cabinet finish choices are set off by brushed nickel or chrome hardware. It is easy to get creative with the various components available from closet systems.

A stand alone tower might be used to house anything from sweaters and shoes to books and knick-knacks. Often an entire closet needs attention in order to reach its full potential. Choose the components that best serve your purpose and create your own one of a kind closet. An open shelving unit combined with two poles set at different heights may be the perfect solution for organizing a child’s closet. Clothes hung at the lower level will encourage the young child to hang up her own clothes while the upper pole might be used for outfits used less often or coats and sweaters.

Maybe add a set of drawers for undergarments and winter wear. For the organized woman a closet system combining hanging space, a few drawers for lingerie and open shelves for sweaters might be just the right choice. Installation is another consideration in choosing a closet system. The Allen Roth Closet systems are easy to install in any closet space with easy to follow instructions. It makes for a great weekend project and the end result is well worth the effort.

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